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Ethno Mobility Grant

Ethno New Zealand is part of the global Ethno network by JM International. Ethno gatherings exist all over the world and many young musicians visit multiple events in different countries. To help emerging musicians to experience another Ethno youth music gathering abroad, build networks and engage in cultural exchange, the Ethno Mobility Grants by Ethno World and Margaret A Cargill Philanthropies (MACP) provide several scholarships per year for young New Zealanders to travel to others Ethnos as well as for musicians from abroad to join Ethno New Zealand. Are you interested to learn more about our mobility grants? Get in touch!

Ethno Mobility Grant Scholarship Recipients


Jeremy Hantler

Banyolesm Catalan (Spain)

This July saw our Ethno whānau member, Jeremy, once again heading to Europe to further align our Ethno with the global kaupapa, and to contribute our unique perspective to the organisation as a whole.


The sun was out over Banyolesm Catalan (Spain) as some of the most experienced artistic mentors from Ethno shared their music, their ideas, their concerns, and their excitement as our organisation grows into a strong mechanism for positive change. Alongside our 'Artistic Mentor Think-up' was the umbrella organisation Jeunesses Musicales annual conference. These participants were able to peripherally experience a 'mini ethno' and we definitely made an impact with our enthusiasm and our concert.


Jeremy returns inspired and driven to help our organisation continue to grow; to connect our people with these amazing international opportunities, and to expose our country to this life-changing kauapa for our rangatahi.


Ethno Sweden 2022

Henry was the recipient of an Ethno Mobility Grant this year heading over to the birth place of the Ethno Movement. 

UPDATE: Henry is now living in Sweden doing his Nordic Masters Degree :-)


Sam Loveridge

Ethno India 2020

Everybody at the camp was enthusiastic, friendly and inquisitive and there was so much great music, from impromptu jam sessions to a really diverse set of tunes that we played for the recording. I’d recommend this experience to any musician who has some connection to music from their culture as a great opportunity!


Cassandra Bahr

Ethno Solomon
Island 2019

I'm so grateful for working with so many superb musicians, and learning about cultures I previously knew little about. Definitely recommend Ethno Solomons to anyone interested in going to an Ethno in a completely different place to their home country!

Adam has been to two Ethno New Zealand world music gathering and he has gifted his humility, kindness and considerable musical talent to both. We are very happy to offer Adam a scholarship to attend Ethno Australia 2019. Adam will share his world view with those in Australia and will no doubt return with some awesome ideas and skills to bolster his professional career back here in Aotearoa.


Adam Young

Ethno Australia 2019 

Oliver attended our first Ethno NZ in 2018, and in 2019 he was the Youth leader. Oliver grew up in the folk scene in New Zealand with his roots firmly in the English and Irish traditional music. Currently he is studying composition at Auckland University. Oliver is a musician that honours his musical background as well as seeking new inspiration from other cultures and traditions.


Oliver Brahma

Ethno Estonia 2019

rachel - 2.PNG

Rachel Evans

Ethno Sweden 2019

Receiving a Mobility Grant to travel to Ethno Sweden 2019 was a phenomenal gift. As a full time student, I would not have been able to make the trip otherwise. Having had my first Ethno experience in January this year at Ethno NZ, I was curious to travel to the oldest and largest Ethno where it all started in Sweden.


Jeremy Hantler

Ethno Sweden 2017 & Ethnofonik 2018

As one of Ethno New Zealand’s organisers, Jeremy represented us at Ethno Sweden in 2017 leading a delegation of three musicians. In 2018, with the support of Creative New Zealand, Jeremy attended the Ethnofonik training course for future artistic mentors of the Ethno movement and learned about the unique non-formal learning methodology and pedagogy.


Whetu-Marama Rikihana

Ethno Sweden 2017


Isaac Kirkwood-Smith

Ethno Sweden 2017

For the first time EVER Aotearoa was represented at Ethno Sweden.  Whetu-Marama Rikihana, Isaac Kirkwood-Smith & Jeremy Hantler traveled over to Scandinavia to participate in the oldest and biggest Ethno camp in the world. Together with around 100 participants from all over the globe they shared their music and learnt from the others. This exchange was made possible due to the generosity of Ethno Sweden who sponsored the flights and accommodation for all three participants.

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