'Unity in Diversity' through music. 

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Registrations for Ethno New Zealand 2020 


Ethno changed my perspective on the world. It brought together two of my great loves - music, and making connections with people, and managed to make me feel things in an entirely different way. Jamming and ultimately performing with a group of people from different cultures and making their music, their traditions, mine was thrilling. For me it really brought home the wisdom of these ancient cultures - I wish I could go back! You could feel the genuine wairua of these people and the land and their culture - the chance that we had to share our deepest selves through our music was once in a lifetime... Although it wasn't really - there're Ethnos all over the world! I look forward to attending more Ethnos, meeting more people and creating and sharing music together. - Sasha (Ethno New Zealand 2019 participant)