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Reflections of Ethno New Zealand 2019

Its been a good few weeks since the beauty of Ethno New Zealand came to close. This year was Ethno New Zealand's second birthday! We had 8 countries represented and within those countries many different cultural perspectives.

Countries represented were :

New Zealand ( maori, anglo celtic diaspora)


Australia ( Aboriginal, anglo celtic diaspora)





Solomon Islands ( Melanesian )

A marae based residency, that this year was held at Hoani Waititi Marae, saw our group of 35 people including volunteers share music, culture, food, humor and humanity. All those who took part were given the opportunity to find out more about others cultural contexts and in turn found a depth in their own cultural identity. Music being the conduit to finding meaningful intercultural dialogue during the 10 day residency.

The workshops (up to four per day) encouraged musicians to become the best they could be. Creating an inclusive environment where peer to peer learning thrives, our highly skilled artistic leaders gently support the group to find the magic that makes them one. A quote from a newly arrived Afghan refugee at one of our concert venues said:

" In my whole life I could never have imagined a band such as this, you are all from different cultures but you played like your from the same village!"

This year some of the highlights were, beautiful concerts for some of the whanau at Hoani Waititi Marae, people who have arrived in New Zealand as refugees at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre, the wider public at Silo Park and the enthusiastic folk/ traditional music fans at the Auckland Folk Festival.

The Ethno global movement ( now present in 20 countries) has well and truly taken hold in Aotearoa. We are rapidly becoming a highly desirable Ethno to attend. Musicians from around the world, who have been going to Ethno camps since they were 18, are following us closely. Musicians in New Zealand and the pacific region are also beginning to hear about us. The word is getting out about the profound effect on their musical depth and connection to a global network Ethno provides individuals.

"Wow! What an amazing evening of cultural exchange and LOVE. It personified "Unity in Diversity". The very sentiment required in our world today. Thank you to the Ethno NZ team for being involved in this gift to humanity. Its uplifting and inspiring. "

- Barry Vautier

The Ethno New Zealand team is well underway to organising Ethno New Zealand 2020. We are all feeling that this year took Ethno New Zealand to the next level, we just can't wait to see who signs up for next year!!

If you or someone you know may be interested in out kaupapa (project) send them to our website to check out our photos and videos and explore the links to the global network.

We really look forward to meeting you all!



by Sarah Macdonald