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We are so incredibly happy to welcome Suchet Malhotra from India as one of our artistic leaders for Ethno NZ 2019.

Suchet is a percussionist and music producer. He plays instruments from the world's rhythm cultures—the tabla from India, darbouka from Egypt, the west African djembe, cajon flamenco, Cuban bongos, the Congolese udu drum, the aboriginal didgeridoo, fujara from Slovakia, the native American flute, the Tibetan Nga and more. His library of native, ambient and tribal instruments spans diverse cultures as he continues to explore this fascinating world. He composes, records and produces music for dance, puppetry, storytelling, theatre, animation and film. 

Suchet has been active within the Ethno movement since 2003, and has experience from working with 27 different Ethnos around the globe. Suchet is also the organiser of Ethno India!

Don’t miss out on meeting this truly inspirational human being!


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