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Cassandra at Ethno Solomon Islands

Cassandra Bahr is our first candidate from Aotearoa to receive an Ethno Mobility Grant.

She attended Ethno Solomon Islands in June 2019.

Hear what Cassandra says about her experience:

"Receiving a Mobility Grant to go to the Ethno Solomons 2019 has to have been the best thing to happen to me this year. The Solomons are an incredible place which I'd never had had the opportunity to go to otherwise, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The music was wonderful, as were the people. Everyone was always welcoming, generous, and friendly. It was so much fun, as well as being a great learning experience - I'm so grateful for working with so many superb musicians, and learning about cultures I previously knew little about. Definitely recommend Ethno Solomons to anyone interested in going to an Ethno in a completely different place to their home country!"