Event Information


23rd-31st of January 2020

23rd of Jan, Arrival at 10am on Waiheke Island -

29th of Jan Departure from Auckland Folk Festival


Piritahi Marae, Waiheke Island, Auckland

Auckland Folk Festival, Kumeu


18-30 year olds


500 NZD ( per person)


This costs include workshops, performances, accommodation, food and transport for the duration of  Ethno New Zealand. 

Please note: Food will not be covered at Auckland Folk Festival

Sleeping Arrangements

Marae style - everyone together in the main whare/houseYou will need to provide your own sleeping bag and preferably mat/pillow etc

Camping at Auckland Folk Festival - All those that can, bring camping gear ( those coming internationally will be supplied camping gear).

Tikanga - Protocols 

For those who have never stayed on a marae there are some important protocols to be aware of. In the introduction session we will be sure that everyone is clear on these. Some basic protocols include not eating in certain spaces, not sitting on tables, shoes off inside etc. 

All guests will be provided with clear information about the Tikanga.


Powhiri - Welcome 

It is very important that all participants are part of the powhiri welcome on the first day - otherwise you will not be allowed to come onto the marae. Please make sure that your travel arrangements allow for this.