The New Zealand Ethno Global Mobility Grant Scholarship Recipients 2019
Cassandra Bahr (Fiddle/Vocals) - Ethno Solomon Islands
Cassandra is off in June for a life changing week of music, fun and intercultural exchange!
Cassandra came to Ethno New Zealand in January this year, sharing her enthusiastic spirit, wonderful musicianship and boundless positive energy. We are so happy to be able to facilitate her journey and in addition we know that she will be well looked after by our good friend and organizer of Ethno Solomon Islands Will Tekatoha.
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Adam Young (Rap/Guitar/Bass) - Ethno Australia
Adam has been to two Ethno New Zealand world music residencies and he has gifted his humility, kindness and considerable musical talent to both. We are very happy to offer Adam a scholarship attend Ethno Australia.
Adam will share his world view with those in Australia and will no doubt return with some awesome ideas and skills to bolster his professional career back here in Aotearoa.
Rachel Evans (Fiddle) - Ethno Sweden
Rachel is off to Sweden in June/July. Her strong character, solid musical talent and curiosity for learning more means that she is a perfect candidate for the Ethno Global Scholarship Fund.
We are very excited for Rachel as she heads to the biggest and oldest Ethno in the world. Rachel offers an insight into the music of the Anglo - Celtic diaspora who started to come to New Zealand in the 1840's. This complemented with her firm identity as a Pakeha New Zealander means that those in Sweden are in for a treat!
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Oliver Bramah (Guitar/Bodhran/Whistles) - Ethno Estonia

Oliver is off to Ethno Estonia in July 2019 as the fourth kiwi travellling on the Ethno Mobility Grant.

He attended our first Ethno NZ in 2018 and in 2019 he was the Youth leader. Oliver grew up in the folk scene in New Zealand with his roots firmly in the English and Irish traditional music. Currently he is studying composition at Auckland University. Oliver is a musician that honours his musical background as well as seeking new inspiration from other cultures and traditions. We know that he will have a brilliant time at Ethno Estonia and can't wait to hear about his adventure when he is returning to Aotearoa!

Ethno Australia Exchange 2019
Ethno New Zealand 2019 are very happy to have Jarulah Slabb and Geoffrey dale Granz Glenn ( MC Mooks) participating at Ethno New Zealand as part of our annual exchange programme. We look forward to learning more about Australian Aboriginal culture and will be sending New Zealand musicians over to Ethno Australia later on in the year.

Jeremy Hantler at Ethnofonik 2018

Jeremy with the support of Creative New Zealand and his very own amazing talents made it to Ethnofonik in Paris, France ( He needed to go through a selection process to make it to Ethnofonik and was up against people from all over the world!


Ethnofonik is for those professional musicians who want to lean more about the Ethno movements methodology . Based on a non formal learning of music by ear, these exchange projects address the participant to share their cultural background by sharing songs from their own traditional musics. To facilitate the music and cultural exchange process and support the participants, the group is supervised by artistic and pedagogic facilitators who are professional youth leaders and musicians. They especially have an essential role to ensure the interaction between the young participants and the local communities living in the area where the project is implemented.


We are so excited and privileged to be able to support Jeremy on his adventure to a deeper understanding of the Ethno movements methodology.

Ethno Sweden Exchange June 2017

For the first time EVER Aotearoa was represented at Ethno Sweden.  Whetu-Marama Rikihana, Isaac Kirkwood-Smith & Jeremy Hantler traveled over to Scandinavia to participate in the oldest and biggest Ethno camp in the world. Together with around 100 participants from all over the globe they shared their music and learnt from the others. This exchange was made possible due to the generosity of Ethno Sweden who sponsored the flights and accommodation for all three participants. Jeremy was also able to attend Ethno Estonia while he was in Europe making sure that he well and truly caught the Ethno bug to bring back to our shores.

Ethno Sweden 2017 delegation

Whetu-Marama and Issac

Amazing box of beautiful.

Whetu and Jeremy leading a workshop

The team in Sweden

Final Concert at Ethno Sweden

Proud team from Aotearoa

Sharing culture breaks down barriers