Our Intention for Ethno in New Zealand

We aim to foster the global musicianship of young musicians. This is done by facilitating the bridging of the participants´ diverse musical traditions and cultures, whilst also acknowledging the character of the music of Oceania. Our intention is to create an environment where traditional/folk/world musicians residing in New Zealand and international participants can create meaningful intercultural dialogue.
At the heart of Ethno movement, are our summer Marae-based Wānanga (Ethno New Zealand).
The term Wānanga is a Maori term. Within English language construction the word wānanga can be a noun, a verb, an adjective and a metaphor. As a noun, wānanga is still considered to be a place of higher learning. As a verb, wānanga is about engaging in the process of sharing and reflecting upon current understandings that leads to decision-making for future success and the creation of new knowledge. As an adjective, for example in whare wānanga, it describes the house as a house of learning. As a metaphor, wānanga helps to describe the feeling that learning in such a way evokes - one of equity, shared visions and ako, where knowledge is co-created. Wānanga is a safe space, one where decisions and pathways are determined through participation and engagement of all, with heart and head.
The concept of whare wānanga finds synergy with the global Ethno philosophy where the sharing of knowledge through the distinct philosophy of peer to peer democratic facilitation takes place. Through this style of learning we aim for individual growth and empowerment. Participants find a deeper connection to their own and other's cultures while developing facilitation skills.
In a New Zealand context the power of our programmes are found in the intercultural dialogue that takes place during the sharing of each other´s musical traditions. Often the root cause of intercultural conflict stems from not understanding each other's cultural context.
We are building three different programmes Ethno New Zealand, Global Ethno Exchanges and Ethno Workshops. Our programmes will provide the opportunity to create connection through the sharing of traditional music within an educational methodology used within peace education programmes worldwide.
To make this all happen we are looking for like minded philanthropist/sponsors to help support these programmes!
For more information and to set up a meeting, please contact Sarah Macdonald : info@ethnonewzealand.com